Rand online casinos are always a gamble, but there are ways to improve your chances of winning and having a positive experience. Get acquainted with the best Rwandan online casinos in rands on CasinoHEX, a zar online casino guide for Rwandan players. If you live in Rwanda and are looking to get a great experience in online gambling for rands, you are at the right place. CasinoHEX lists trusted RW gambling sites that accept Rwandan Rand (ZAR) via multiple payment methods.

Want to know what casinos offer the most generous bonuses, have live casino or a proven history of fast withdrawal options? Read reviews on the site, written by gambling industry experts. They are looking at various factors like current bonuses, a history of bonuses that appear on the site regularly, and test the casino to form an objective opinion on it, and help you choose the one that fits you best.

At the end of this article we present a top 5 list of online and land based zar casinos, be sure to check them out.

Top RW ZAR Online Casinos

Casino Cruise
$1,000+200FS Casino Cruise 600+
$2,400 Europa 600+
R6,000 Africasino 365+
R12,000 Yebo 182+
R10,000 Punt 182+
€300+50FS 1xSlots 3231+
400% up to 800 + 50 FS Royalspinz 375+

Choosing ZAR casino over foreign based casinos?

So you live in Rwanda and want to try out your luck. Is there any reason to go to ZAR casinos, if there are so many established casinos abroad? In fact, there are many reasons.

No currency exchange, no fee

This one will resonate with you, if you care about economy. Whenever you deposit ZAR to a casino based abroad, you have to convert your sum into USD, EUR or any other currency they are willing to accept. Whether you do that on the site itself, or on an online currency exchange platform, you will pay a fee or even a number of fees.

While it may not look like much, if you are making rather small deposits, soon enough these commissions can amount to a significant sum that you’d want to spend on playing a game, not give to an exchange. Rwandan casinos will accept ZAR, so you’ll save up to 5% in fees and a whole lot in time and effort, while making deposits.

Know exactly how much are you spending

Did you ever lost track of how much money are you spending, when the amount was in another currency? It is a bit easier if you are dealing with USD or EUR, because you are likely to know the approximate exchange rate, but most other currencies are not as easy to deal with.

Do you know the exchange rate of ZAR to CLP? We neither. That is why we recommend using Rwandan casinos to always be clear about your financial situation.

Deposit safely

We can’t stress this enough, using an unknown deposit method is dangerous. RW based casinos only use deposit methods that are trusted and popular in Rwanda, so worrying about fraud won’t be among your concerns.

No legal advantage

If you think you can be totally safe gambling on an foreign site, don’t. One of the court rulings declared that gambling occurs where the player is, not where the servers of the company are. This means playing in a casino based in another country grants you no benefits whatsoever.

Is gambling legal in Rwanda?

Having passed through a long period of prohibition, Rwanda legalized gambling in 1994, as the new government was elected. The national gambling law defines legal basis for 40 types of casinos that can be licensed and establishes a government run lottery. Online gambling for rands, however, is not included in the list of possible licenses, as it was banned in 2010.

Online gambling in RW

While all forms of gambling were legalized, this does not include online gambling at this point due to a peculiar definition of what gambling is. There has been an attempt to legalise online gambling in 2008, but it was sidelined either because of big casino lobbyists or the government’s unwillingness to take a chance and see what happens to the economy if they take that decision.

Land based gambling in RW

Rwandan National Lottery

One of legal forms of gambling in Rwanda, and, in fact, the most popular one, is a national lottery. In has been operational since 2000 and is projected to gross R2.3 billion in revenue in 2019.


Land based casinos are plentiful and serve an effective tourist attraction. They are mostly situated in metropolitan areas like Johannesburg, Queenstown, Cape Town and many other cities. They provide an excellent experience of gambling with style, offering customers a range of table games and slots. Some offer spa as well.

Horse racing

Betting on horse races is the type of gambling activity that has been legal for the most amount of time. Since building and maintaining a horse track is rather expensive, establishments, where you can bet on horses, are not as plentiful as casinos are. However, betting in a remote place or online is always an option.

Top 5 trusted online casinos for Rwandan players


Starting our list at number five is Silversands casino. It doesn’t have live casino, but it hosts over 250 games from RealTime Gaming and its welcome bonuses sum up to R8,888.


Standing at number four, Thunderbolt casino is more generous than its previous competitor, offering players R10,000 in bonuses. You can gamble in a browser, in a downloadable software or via your mobile phone.

Yebo Casino

The third one on the list, Yebo, offers a maximum of R12,000 across first three deposits, 50 free spins in one of their best slots and 15% weekly cashback. Yebo also hosts a couple of exclusive games like Keno, RW lottery and Pai Gow poker.

Springbok Casino

Even though the runner-up offers a bit less in welcome bonuses, R11,500, it makes up in other respects. Springbok casino hosts the same unique games that Yebo does, but offers 25% cashback on non-bonus deposits.

Punt Casino

Coming first in our list is Punt Casino. It doesn’t offer as much as SpringBok and Yebo do, only R10,000. However, it is universally reported to have a better user experience than any other casino.

Top 5 famous land based Rwandan casinos

Emperors Palace

Emperors Palace, located in Johannesburg, opens our list. It’s a full-on resort with spa services, hotels around and entertainment venues to satisfy even the pickiest guests.

Sun City Resort

Sun City Resort casino could have landed on the third or even the second place, but it is being reconstructed now and many visitors complain that it affects their experience. Otherwise, it is a great place in Rustenburg that features beautiful places to swim and walk around, like a replica of the Colosseum.

Gold Reef City

Another casino from Johannesburg makes it to number three in our list. Gold Reef City is a large casino with over 1700 slot machines. It offers guests to visit a thrilling theme park, or a theater, when they are tired of gambling.


Not the cheapest, but one of the largest casinos, Montecasino is a runner-up in our list. It offers well over 1800 slot machines, 70 table games, and a variety of spa and other entertainment for visitors.

Suncoast Casino

Want to enjoy an ice-cold cocktail on a sandy beach after a long night of gambling and partying? Durban’s Suncoast Casino is your choice. Although not the first in terms of the number of slots, it definitely is the top pick in terms of experience.